“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”
- Jim Rohn

Digital has dramatically shifted the way people build relationships both with brands and with each other. Audiences are becoming increasingly vocal about the values, beliefs, brands, communities, and people they identify with. Circle6 is a customer experience agency. We build exceptional customer experiences for our clients at the intersections of data, technology and creative.

We believe that all solid strategy begins with data and insights, and so our methodology is rooted in research. We have worked with some of North America’s biggest brands to help them understand their audiences, and to leverage technology and data to build better customer experiences.

We design products & services that create value. We win with our method, it’s what sets us apart.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”- Sun Tzu

Storytelling is data with a soul.

We want to get inside the hearts and minds of our audiences, understanding what drives their decision making and how we can align with their interests with your business objectives. Once we’ve surfaced that insight, we’ll craft a strategy for delivering meaningful experiences in all relevant channels.

Each channel presents a unique opportunity to engage with audiences.

We’ll define channel-specific initiatives, define the platforms in play and map out our plan for value creation across web, mobile, social, chat, brick-and-mortar, and AR/VR.

From strategy to execution.

Armed with a deep understanding of your audience, we’ll design, architect and develop products and solutions to create meaning and value. Our approach is iterative and collaborative; we won’t rest until we’ve nailed every detail.

Building for the HIPPO (Highest Paid Persons Opinion).

We don’t. We let data and insights guide our decisions and represent your audience when consulting on product and design. We’ll implement the analytics infrastructure and tools as well as the reports you’ll need to become a truly data-driven, measurement-centric company.

We’re not ones for manifestoes
but we do have key principles that guide us:
We’re obsessed with design. And while concepts and the big picture are exciting, greatness is in the little details.  People notice and appreciate them. And they drive us.
Own it.  Make decisions as though it’s your business, your money, your time and your customers.  We don’t check boxes, we put it all on the line.
Working smart means breaking big problems up into smaller pieces, tackling risk first and taking the time to build it right from the beginning.
Our primary benchmark of progress is if we are creating value for our audience. Awesome products enter the market imperfect and evolve from user feedback and measurement.
Each person brings something unique to the equation and is encouraged to speak up. Magic happens when we roll up our sleeves and work together.
If we are afraid to make mistakes, we’ll never get better.  We’re open minded, comfortable to explore new ideas and trust that feedback and data analysis will precipitate improvement.
Our core values are found in every conversation, email, product and experience. They are the common theme in how we operate and the values which we find in our partners as they are the binding ties of long lasting relationships.
Being good will not make us great
Powering the change that unlocks new value
People are the beating heart of our business
Our whole is greater than the sum of our parts
We will always do the right thing
We are a team, not employees. We recognize that people are at the heart of our business, and this guides our work, from our team to our clients to the audiences we interact with.

Sure, Circle 6’ers love their killer offices in Old Montreal, their gorgeous open-plan environment, exposed ceilings and communal workspaces. But we believe real culture has a much more human tone. Real culture can’t be bought or planned by a designer. Real culture means rallying to support a co-worker an hour before a deadline. Real culture means humility & empathy. Real culture means passionate commitment — to the point of obsession — to create meaning and deliver value.

Real culture means no assholes allowed.

If you’re smart, fierce, diligent, relatively ego-less, and ready to solve big problems for fantastic customers, you might be a perfect fit for us.



Our founders are knit together by inspiration, passion, shared beliefs as well as a desire to design memorable experiences that are loved by people.

The 6th seat at the table is purposely left empty. It’s waiting, ready to be occupied by you.
Let’s get started.

127 Saint-Pierre, Montreal, Qc, H2Y 2L6